Chat with Us

This web chat is available Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Through this chat you will be able to speak with an advocate from Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc.

Please be advised that chats should only be conducted from a device you consider safe and secure. If you think someone else could have installed any spyware onto the device you’re using please do not use this chat service.

Our crisis line is also available 24/7 at 910-343-0703 if you would prefer to speak someone by phone. You can also text this number to chat with an advocate. All information shared in chat will be considered confidential and protected by Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc., unless you disclose child abuse/neglect or elder abuse/neglect during the chat. In the case of such disclosures, Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc. is considered a mandated reporter under the law. We may also be required to release certain information if it is subpoenaed by a judge.

All of Domestic Violence and Shelter, Inc.’s services are voluntary and provided at no cost. If, for any reason, during the chat it becomes unsafe to continue, please discontinue the chat if needed. We will not attempt to reconnect with you. Please feel free to reconnect with us when it is safe again and if you feel like you need additional information. The contents of the chat will be deleted upon the completion of the chat. An advocate from Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc. may ask for certain information such as your name, current county, and other demographic questions to document the service in our confidential database, but you are free to decline to provide the information. You can remain anonymous if you choose.

We are glad you reached out to us. By clicking on the button below you will be connected to our chat page.