We will work toward the elimination of violence and oppression against women and their children and provide emergency and support services for victims/survivors of domestic violence.


Domestic violence is any intentional act used to gain power and control over an intimate partner or family member. Physical harm is only one method used to gain control. Other tactics may include, but are not limited to, isolation, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, intimidation, economic abuse or threats of abuse.


We believe that gender inequity and the resulting power imbalance in our culture play a central role in creating a society which allows the abuse of individuals. We are committed to a vision of a just society, and to changing the current beliefs and institutions which encourage violence.

We believe battering is absolutely unacceptable and that institutions and organizations must be held accountable for those attitudes, policies and practices which support battering. We also believe that in order for justice to be achieved, batterers must be held accountable for their violent behavior. Accountability includes taking responsibility for changing abusive behaviors and actions.

We believe our work must be founded on the voice and experience of those impacted by domestic violence. We also believe it is not enough to say, “Everyone is welcome,” but we must intentionally and actively create safe places and provide services for ALL victims and their children.

Our guiding principle is empowerment; this emphasizes regaining power from within, instead of seeking approval and power from outside sources. When victims can individually and collectively reclaim their own power and live lives free of fear and violence, we as a society all benefit.


To empower victims and their families to break the cycle of domestic violence, we provide shelter and on-going direct services. Services include crisis intervention, emergency shelter,¬†information/referral, liaison between victims and agencies, advocacy, criminal justice system assistance, emergency transportation, provision of necessities (i.e., food, medication, and clothing and supplies from Vintage Values), support and educational groups, the Empowerment Curriculum, and children’s programs.

To make the public aware of the resources available to victims and their families and to prevent the occurrence of domestic violence, we provide community education programs. Our public awareness/prevention programs work toward social change through in-service trainings for professional service providers, school presentations, and public events.

Our services are available twenty four hours a day. Our primary service area is New Hanover County. (Other areas are served as needed.)