Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is any non-consenting sexual act or behavior.
Examples include your partner forcing sexual activity when:

  • you indicate “no” and your limits are not respected
  • you are sleeping
  • you are drunk or high and are unable to say “no”
  • you are afraid to say “no”

or when your partner:

  • insists that you dress in a more sexual way than you wish to dress
  • makes demeaning remarks about how you dress
  • makes demeaning remarks about your body and/or body parts
  • minimizes your feelings about sex
  • berates you about your sexual history; blames you if you were sexually abused in the past or as a child
  • criticizes you sexually (calling you “frigid,” for example)
  • insists on touching you sexually when you do not want to be touched, either when the two of you are alone or in the presence of others
  • calls you a whore or a slut
  • has affairs with other women (often flaunting them) after agreeing not to have sex with anyone but you
  • physically attacking sexual parts of your body, (grabbing your breast, pinching your buttocks, any touch that is unwanted)
  • forcing you to perform any specific sexual act that you do not wish to do (for example: oral sex, or acting out pornography)