Special Events

Father’s for Hope – Men for Change – June 14, 2018

2015 FFH Ad

Minimum $100 donation to recognize a man who takes a public stand against domestic violence. Thank you to Star News Media for their donation of a full page ad in Father’s Day Sunday newspaper.

2018 Fashion Show and Silent Auction
Purchase your tickets now!  See below for ticket options! 
26th Annual Fashion Show and Silent Auction 
May 4, 2018 – Ballast Hotel (Formerly Hilton Wilmington Riverside)
Individual Lunch Tickets – $45 each


Lunch Table (Seating for 8) – $400

Luncheon Tables


Individual Dinner Tickets – $55 each

Dinner Table (Seating for 8) $500

Mother’s Day Honor Cards – May 2018

Purchase a card with a minimum $5 donation to honor a special woman in your life.

2010 Image ONLY

Card image drawn by a child in our children’s program.

2018 Mother’s Day Card Order Form